A little introduction….

Welcome to the first ever “piece of cake” post! I’m Sarah, originally from Chicago but currently studying at the University of Michigan. I love hot yoga, shopping, traveling, dancing, and catching up on The Bachelorette. Above all, however, is my passion for food. Trying out new restaurants and recipes is what excites me most.


My friend and I sampling delicious gelato from Eataly in NYC…I told you I get excited about trying new food 🙂

This blog isn’t called “piece of cake” for nothing. For as long as I can remember, I’ve loved all things culinary; cooking shows, exotic foods, hole in the wall restaurants, recipe books. But just recently has my passion expanded so that I’ve been cooking and baking multiple times a week. Still, I’m beginner. So I want to share recipes that are a “piece of cake”: simple, stress free, and delicious. I’m also a busy, broke college student that seeks affordable and quick food and spots to eat.

Sooooo if you’re searching for insight into the mind of a college foodie, look no further! Try out some new restaurants and recipes! Because, after all, it’s a piece of cake! 😉