frosting shots!

Yesterday afternoon, at around 7:03 PM, I made a discovery that would change my life forever.

Frosting shots.

Yes, you read what I said.

For years my friend Lauren has talked about frosting shots she’s enjoyed at cupcake shops all over the country. Now was her chance to introduce me to the delicacy she had been preaching about for so long.

After a long day of shopping and Ghirardelli chocolate sampling, Lauren and I “stumbled” upon a Sprinkles cupcake shop. (In actuality, I knew there was a Sprinkles in the Rush street area we were shopping in and was hoping to end our night with a yummy treat).

Looking in the shop window, we only saw rows and rows of beautifully frosted cupcakes of flavors such as salty caramel and chocolate peanut butter. But after a minute, Lauren spotted a woman scooping up creamy bites of frosting from a little cup normally used for ice cream or yogurt flavor sampling. Jackpot. She walked over to confirm that the treat was, indeed, a frosting shot, and next thing I knew we were waiting in line to order.

I was expecting a few choices of flavors for my frosting shot: a chocolate or vanilla buttercream, maybe a cream cheese frosting thrown in. Oh no. No no no. At Sprinkles, the frosting shots flavors range from salty caramel cream cheese to strawberry buttercream. Still, Lauren went with a classic chocolate buttercream covered in sprinkles while I chose my favorite, cream cheese.

Less then 30 seconds later, I had a surprisingly heavy, dense little cup filled past the brim with rich frosting. As I took my first bite with one of the adorable wooden Sprinkles spoons, a familiar rich, creamy sweetness settled on my tongue. It was delicious and the best part was, the frosting lasted 3 minutes longer than I expected. When I was done, I was left with that sugary tingling that is oh so satisfying.


enjoying our frosting shots in front of the cupcake atm!

Next time I head to a cupcake shop, I will make sure to get a frosting shot, and maybe an actual cupcake too!


At only 77 cents, these frosting shots are a piece of cake to enjoy for any college foodie with a sweet tooth! 😉


happy girls with frosting shots in hand