peaches ‘n cream bars

Ravinia Festival nights are the best nights. Listening to live music in a gorgeous outdoor setting surrounded by friends and family and an endless picnic-style spread is my idea of heaven.

Last night, 5 of my closest friends and I braved a “cold” Chicago night (realistically, it was just under 60 degrees) to hear OneRepublic play live. The headlining band never goes on till late at Ravinia, which left lots of time for my friends and I to enjoy our smorgasbord of delicacies.


We began with crudites, spinach and artichoke dips, guacamole and a variety of dippers. From there, we moved on to the main event: chicken satay with a homemade peanut sauce, sesame noodles from A La Carte, and a quinoa salad with cranberries, pecans, and kale.

Before we knew it, the lawn was filled with the unique sounds of one of my newly discovered, and new favorite bands, OneRepublic. We all agreed it was time to break out the Peaches ‘n Cream Bars.

After I baked the bars and tried one (or two, or three) a few days prior, I thought they could use a little more peach flavor, and my mom agreed. But my friends all adored the abundance of oaty, streusel-y flavor from the base and topping. So, it is completely up to you whether to add more peaches to the recipe or not.

Pecans were listed as optional in the recipe, but I decided to add them in to add some crunchy texture. Chopping up the pecans and peaches into small pieces absolutely enhanced the texture of the bar.


The highlight of these bars were their topping. They tasted like you were biting into your favorite buttery pie crust! Make sure you chop up the butter as the recipe suggests because it enhances the quality and texture of the topping post-baking.


These bars can be kept refrigerated for up to four days, which is what I did. But in my opinion, these are best enjoyed straight out of the oven when the topping is at its butteriest and the peach filling is at its freshest.


These bars are great for a college girl in a foodie world. They can be made in advance, so you make them in your free time and enjoy in even your busiest weeks. Most of the ingredients were already in my house, so no grocery run was necessary. And they were a favorite amongst my girlfriends! Make them soon while we can still enjoy these sweet summer peaches!