LA LA Land

I am seriously in my happy place. On Friday, me, Cara and Emily (both East-coasters) finally escaped Ann Arbor’s cold, snowy wrath for a turbulent flight to Los Angeles. All I have to say, and I think Cara would agree with me on this one, is thank god for Delta’s seat-back TVs with movies like Sex and the City and Dreamgirls that we have seen close to 15 times each to distract us from the nausea resulting from the roller-coaster like flight.

The trip thus far has felt like it has been catered to please a foodie like me; somewhat unintentionally, our days have revolved around the ridiculously delicious meals we’ve enjoyed. Because of the time change, by the time we landed, it was dinnertime in California but 11:30 at night in Michigan and we were STARVING. Lucky for us, Amina and Roni were our knight in shining armors to whisk us away to the magical land of Umami Burger. This cool spot offered Asian spins on American burger and fry classics. We started with tempura fried onion rings, sweet potato fries coated in sugary goodness, and BOMB truffle fries. My burger, topped with homemade ketchup and a parmesan tuille, was obvi great, but those truffle fries, coated in a rich truffle glaze, topped any measly-truffle dusted fries of my past. Try not to drool on your computer keys as you stare at the photo below:

The next day, after a beautiful morning run along the beach and a little shopping, we headed to Venice for brunch at Gjelina, a trendy brunch spot on Abbot Kinney. The wait was a little long, so inevitably we had to grab a few short rib tacos from Koji, a Korean-Mexican fusion food truck that Roni and Amina insisted we were #blessed to stumble upon.

Unfortunately, we didn’t spot any celebs Gjelina (last time Amina was there, so was Dennis Quaid!), but the food absolutely made up for it. It was so fun to be out with a group of girls that seriously appreciate food. We started with a Gruyere, Fromage Blanc, Caramellized Onion, and Arugula Pizza that we obviously had to top with a Sunny-Side up egg. The egg was perfectly cooked and runny, and the salty cheeses complemented the sweet onions. We were all obsessed after one bite. For my main, I followed my new love of duck and ordered the duck confit potato hash with a sunny duck egg. Imagine a corned beef hash with crispy potatoes and replace that average beef flavor with the elevated flavor of duck fat, and you get a dish unlike anything I’ve ever tasted before.

DUCK CONFIT HASH that egg tho....

I’ll leave you with that image of pure beauty…more (FOOD) to come soon!! Deuces from LA!!