The Holy Land of FOOD

Let’s look back at one of the best times of my life, why don’t we? For 9 straight days I was able to indulge in freshly ground, quality olive-oil soaked authentic hummus. During my time in Israel this past Christmas, I managed to eat hummus with almost every breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Much of it was stuffed into straight out-of-the oven pita bread and accompanied tender shawarma or crispy, wonderful falafel. Some of it was eaten alongside hard-boiled eggs, eggplant and chocolate pudding for breakfast (yes, Israelis LOVE chocolate pudding for breakfast. I’m now a believer). But the best hummus of all could be found in a tiny stand in the Muslim Quarter of the Old City of Jerusalem. 


I mean…….

This place didn’t have a door. Seriously. If you were too busy strolling the market searching for the perfect candlesticks or falafel maker, you probably would miss it. But luckily, our guide Hagai knew about this special spot. No menus, no prices, no kitchen. Just the hummus king doing his thing in a small booth right outside of the restaurant. I would post a photo of him, but he was a little camera shy (AKA he nearly looked like he would smash my camera in half if I even considered taking a photo). When this plate of heavenly goodness arrived in front of me, I was soothed by the briny smell of the olive-y oil and the warmth of the fresh pita. I’m sorry, but this pita blew Pita Inn out of the water. Considering our meal consisted solely of this heaping plate of hummus, we needed this bread to soak up all of the goodness.


I want to reach through my computer screen and rip off a piece of this…

If I were to write about every amazing food experience my family and I encountered in Israel, it would probably be a novel. And unless you’re as food obsessed as me, you probably would not want to read all of that. In the meantime, here’s some photos from our time in Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, and the Galilee to drool over. If you want some more details about the sticky, sweet rugelach, caramelly beef carpaccio, or the fresh (and I mean fresh) goat cheese you see here, I’m your girl.

Until next time, Shalom! 

-The College Girl in an (International!) Foodie World


Beef carpaccio with caramel sauce, parmesan, and crispy sweet potatoes from mahaneyehuda….SO much better than it sounds


SHAWARMA from Moshiko. We may or may not have eaten it 3 times over a 9 day period…



Candy on candy on candy at the Machane Yehuda Market in Jerusalem


The best “Grilled Cheese” from a Yemenite food stand in Safed


Back-road goat cheese tasting



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