tomato, nectarine & mozzarella salad

considering my family and i just finished the monster bars i had baked for the 4th of july potluck celebration with my friends, we were quite ready for something a little bit healthier.

enter the beautiful tomato, nectarine & mozzarella salad. we were craving something healthy, and this hit the spot! juicy tomatoes, creamy and fresh mozzarella, sweet, seasonal nectarines and a hint of basil made a bright, summery combination.


recipe credit goes to the amazing new cookbook my mom brought home today, Modern Mediterranean!

and the salad could not be simpler to create! to give you a better idea of its simplicity, in about an hour’s time i was able to go for a run, shower, and compose the salad!

the first step? slice the tomatoes. i liked having all of the other ingredients on the cutting board at the same time so i could smell everything as i cooked.


the tomatoes are so are so juicy this time of year! their bright, gorgeous red color made a brilliant backdrop for the rest of the salad’s ingredients.


next, i sliced up the nectarines so they were about the same thickness as the tomato slices. my mom was super happy i was making this recipe because it used up some of the multitude of nectarines she bought at trader joe’s last weekend!



you have no idea how excited i was to unwrap my 1/2 lb. mozzarella ball out of its plastic. mmmmm. not much is better than super fresh mozzarella.



all of the chopped components of the salad waiting to be arranged!

once i sliced the components of my salad, i arranged them and topped them with a little torn basil, olive oil, salt and pepper. and that was that! my salad was complete and ready to be enjoyed with my mom and dad on my back porch.


first i laid out the tomatoes


then came the mozzarella and nectarines..


and finally, the torn basil, olive oil, and salt and pepper!

the combination of nectarines and tomatoes in the salad was surprisingly delicious, and has become one of my new favorite flavor combinations! it perfectly complemented the rest of the components of our summery dinner.


it was the first time in a long time that my family and i had cooked dinner together! i made the salad, my mom boiled some summer corn, roasted lemony potatoes and grapes, and marinated tilapia, and my dad grilled the fish. meals are 100x more enjoyable when prepared together and enjoyed on a back porch with perfect 80 degree weather! a perfect night with light foods that were such a piece of cake to create…


my tomato, nectarine, & mozzarella salad, mom’s potatoes and corn, and dad’s fish..yum


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